Honda Rogue: Sleek, Attractive, Segway Based Vehicle That Reveals The Future Urban Design Ideas

A clean, Eco-friendly, simple way to go around in a very busy traffic. The Honda Rogue is a vehicle concept based on the Segway, and more specifically, the P.U.M.A. concept developed by GM. This initial concept by GM transferred the functionality of the Segway and integrated it into a bare-bones, two wheel road vehicle. The Honda Rogue was born out of the assumption that this vehicle would grow into something much more in the future. The final concept is a futuristic, sleek, exterior shell to an assumed evolved P.U.M.A. system. So evolved, in fact, that to operate and steer it one would only need a remote control – much like that of a modern day Wii gaming system.

The interior is designed for the comfortable seating of one person, much like an actual Segway. This makes it an excellent, environmentally friendly way to get to school, work, or wherever you need to go. The vehicle stands at 6′ tall, 4’4″ wide, and 4’9″ long. Entrance is through the front of the vehicle, as two panels flip open to expose the interior. The first panel, being the front glass window, flips upward. The second panel, which flips downward, is located directly below and houses the headlights.

Designer : Jon DeGorsky

Honda rogue concept2

Honda rogue concept1

Honda rogue concept3

Honda rogue concept5

Honda rogue concept6

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3 thoughts on “Honda Rogue: Sleek, Attractive, Segway Based Vehicle That Reveals The Future Urban Design Ideas

  1. Now we are going to have traffic on the side walks?

    I always thought Americans needed to loose weight, this is cool, but I think the only people that will actually buy this are the fat people or lazy people, witch is probaly like a huge chunk of American citizens. I am quite lazy my self, and I can't wait for this to come out. Just got to mod my TV and 360 on that, and I will be a happy camper.

  2. “Lose”, as in “lose weight”, has one ‘o’.
    The demise of the Segway (sic) was due to its lack of a brake system, which is required for a vehicle to be street legal. Its method of braking has not been accepted, probably because in case of a power failure, it does nothing; even power brakes on a car are actually power-assisted and can be operated manually. This vehicle is very interesting and would be a good commuting or short run vehicle, though it appears to have little space for batteries. I see no obvious storage, except for your lap.
    Balancing on two wheels uses power to continuous adjust the wheels to remain balanced. Adding a third wheel would make it less interesting, perhaps, but would eliminate the power drain.

    Despite what people believe, no vehicle is actually legal on a sidewalk. Skates and skateboards seem to be in their own class, but bicycles are considered vehicles and usually required to operate in the street, though I doubt tickets are ever issued. A powered vehicle, like this one, and the Seqway, are usually illegal on sidewalks, mainly for their speed. The vehicle in the article would dominate the sidewalk.

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