If. Pen Features Titanium Body and Single Motion Activation

There are plenty of good looking pens out there. I know, I have bought many. So why design something new for what seems like a saturated market?

Simple – there are none that capture the true essence of the stylish 21st century technophile at an affordable price while maintaining the practicality and convenience of ballpoint ink on paper. The ballpoint pen for the 21st Century needs to be minimal without minimizing the user experience. It needs to provide you with all you want in a quality writing instrument. It needs to be unique inside and out. It needs to captivate you. It needs to represent who you are – for as long as you will. It’s time for if. pen.

Designer : Dave Colliver [Pre-Order]

if. pen by Dave Colliver

if. pen by Dave Colliver

The if. pen offers:

  • A stylish Titanium exterior with equal refinement in overall aesthetic to the finest details.
  • Single Motion Activation, just squeeze the grip & write – no click, twist or un-capping.
  • A pocket clip that is closed when the writing tip is exposed – no stained pockets.
  • Quick “clip to fit” refill insertion with no need for disassembly – no lost parts.
  • It’s just cool!

It also boasts:

  • A one piece injection molded Titanium barrel.
  • An integrated pocket clip that will cope with a messenger bag.
  • A sturdy feel with perfect balance.
  • The ability to take any standard “Parker Style” G2 refill (including the Fisher space pen).

if. pen by Dave Colliver

if. pen by Dave Colliver

Tuvie has received “if. pen” project from our ‘Submit A Design‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication.

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