Beyflo – Future Garden Watering System Concept

In the year 2015, hopefully we can find Beyflo in every house with a garden. This garden watering system idea was to create a product that relate to domestic ritual activity. Beyflo have the ability to navigate itself and charge its water and electric. The power is located on top, make it easier for users to turn it on/off. Plants location is not a problem for Beyflo, because it can reach further by increasing its water pump pressure.

The main body case is made from ABS, this is due to the outdoor and the rough terrain in the garden that need extra durability. Using PCB as its central processing unit, makes Beyflo can control the motor, pump, and power portion to each component.

beyflo automatic garden watering system

beyflo future automatic garden watering system

beyflo concept automatic garden watering system

Designer : Yopi Djauhari

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