Helios Car Concept by Kim Gu-Han

If looks could kill, then the new concept car Helios by Kim Gu-Han can be said to be a killer. On the first look it looks more like a frill necked lizard waiting for its prey which is nothing but cells to soak solar energy. By looks of it, one can say that the designer has been inspired by nature as just like the reptiles spread its wing out to control the temperature and the solar energy is captured in the same. It’s an electric car, powered by solar energy and when in motion, it is more of a sleek vehicle with traffic stopping looks.

helios solar energy car concept

helios solar energy car concept

helios solar energy car concept

Designer : Kim Gu-Han via IGreenSpot

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3 thoughts on “Helios Car Concept by Kim Gu-Han

  1. Love the design for the solar panels. Very original and would work very well in extreme conditions. There seems to be no space for luggage under they solar panels though so you could not go for an expedition. Make some storage under them solar panels and you've got a deal.

  2. Great design. Finally someone using solar panels in an optimal way. We cannot sit and wait untill we need only 1 square meter of solar panels to be sufficient for our energy needs. (in other words: we can improve the cells but we also need to spend less energy)

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