Apple “Spice” PC Concept from Fred de Garilhe

The main idea was to create a personal computer that doesn’t look like a plastic box, and could really put a design touch on a desk. To arrive to Spice PC, Fred decided to use an infra-red system for the keyboard, that will appear like a magic item on your desk… same concept for the screen, that he wanted integrated to the tower, and use a video projector system, that permit the computer to show all content on a simple wall. Forget about your old square shape PC, Fred bring a new meaning in Personal Computer casing design.

futuristic spice pc

futuristic spice pc

Designer : Fred de Garilhe

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7 thoughts on “Apple “Spice” PC Concept from Fred de Garilhe

  1. Good idea, but very bad design.

    No offense, I'm just saying.

    And don't make the screen projecting on

    a wall if you want a futuristic computer.

    You need one where the screen looks like it is in mid-air, in the room. And it is touch sensitive. So you could be in a paint program, and when you touch the paint on the monitor you feel the paint. Remember, the monitor is in mid-air and is not a solid. 😉

    That's most likely impossible, but, a good idea I'm sure. :3

  2. WOWO I Love To Have Somthing Like That To Work With So I Don't Have To Sit In A Heard Chair TO Work On The Computer Insted I Can Sit In On My bed And Work XD lol Keep the Idea Man It Is Really Good

  3. This is a horrible idea. It's ugly as hell so if the designer was looking for something that would look good on your desk then it's a complete failure. Secondly projecting onto a wall is idiotic because it limits where you can put the pc and those projected keyboards are only good for travel. I have one and would never work off it full time. And don't be retarded Dylan! This is a forum for concepts that can reasonably be produced not for people to pull ridiculous day dreams out of their ass.

  4. I love this design. I don't see what any of you have against it. It is original and amazing. @Johnny : I think you are being very idiotic and degrading. At least this designer attempted to do something that you probably have'nt even tried to do before let alone thought about.

    I would buy this design as son as it came out. Don't listen to these other people.

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