Beautiful Accent Light from In-Fusions

Really, you don?t have to be a tree hugger to appreciate the LED Accent Lighting from in-fusions. These innovative eco-friendly lamps are designed to consume only 3W of power with an average life of 18000 hrs. Group a bunch of them together or use them stand-alone to jazz up your living or work space.

accent in-fushion light

Design is in the details
The brushed acrylic tube ensures that the accent lamp is light-weight and doesn?t break easily. The LEDs arranged in a circle at the bottom of the acrylic base cast a cool kaleidoscopic effect on the ceiling ? truly retro. A soft pad at the base ensures surfaces are spared the scratches.

One size fits many
The LED lights are available in 2 sizes and several colors. While the blue one is perfect to create a meditative environment, the Orange and Pearl colored lights are perfect for a retro look.

The LED Lighting was voted Top 4 products by Residential Lighting publication.

accent in-fushion light

accent in-fushion light

accent in-fushion light

Designer : In-Fusions

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