FLEXI is An All-in-One Lighting Solution for Outdoor Use

When going for outdoor camping, the thing people never forget to take is a flashlight along with additional ambient light source and FLEXI is an innovative flashlight concept that works as both. Flashlights are more useful for directional lighting task than lighting larger areas, FLEXI provides both directional light and ambient illumination for convenient cooking and other activities of the campers. The concept is made of thin rectangular silicon pad, fitted with powerful and less power consuming LED lights along its one edge. Thus, users can roll the pad to have different types of lighting as and when required.




Designer : Kyeore Kim, Jaesuk Han, Sungkuk Hong, Sena Joo

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5 thoughts on “FLEXI is An All-in-One Lighting Solution for Outdoor Use

  1. Dear Sir,

    I like this design.

    I am in the process into led business. Can we buy this design from you or work with you on royalty?

    Or can I buy product from you if you already develop one.

    Let me know thanks


  2. A flexible solar panel could be fitted to the back of this device for providing power to the LEDs and possibly with an inbuilt USB port to keep phones and other portable devices charged. I would love this design to make it to production and I would even set up my own business to make one.

  3. Dear Creator,

    I'm interested with your product and design. Please do e-mail me more of your product. I'm interested to host your product in our website (we are running a online store) Please advise.



  4. Dear Creator,

    I'm really interested in your product. Can I buy your product somewhere? Please give me some advice.

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