Jet Spray Can Make Firefighting Safer and More Efficient

Jet Spray is an extraordinary and functional fire fighting tool concept that eliminates the conventional water spraying mechanism from an outer source after a complex, hectic and inefficient effort of reaching the spot, especially high raised skyscrapers. Jet spray features a detachable hose that firefighters will shoot into the fire zone via compressed gas power and then connect the other end to the water source; the nozzle will automatically start spraying water in all directions. To make it easier to carry and operate, the nozzle incorporates plastic, making it safe, comfortable and lightweight. The shooting unit comprises various safeguard mechanisms to avoid accidental firing, a rounded shoulder stock and a tough outer casing.

jet spray

jet spray

jet spray

Designer : Haishan Deng

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6 thoughts on “Jet Spray Can Make Firefighting Safer and More Efficient

  1. Car wash? lol. Are you mad? Yep we're just gonna fire this water spraying nozzle at your car ok? lol

    This is a great design but I couldn't see it packing too much of a punch to reach high up into a skyscraper and it will still be limited by the length of the water hose.

  2. Biggest Problem is the Waterpressure Inside the the Tube, u controll these tube normally with two firefighters so if u wanna use this thing u need to put some weight on the nozzle. But in other hand if its too heavy u can't schoot it on top of a building -.-' By the way if u fill up the Tube with water it gets really heavy!! So do something about that if not, the watterfilled tube will pull back the nozzle out of the building back to the ground. In Short: Sadly this system will never function…..

  3. If the CO2 gas and water create a snuffing zone effect it might not take nearly as much water, and with gas the water weight is dropped down 8 fold.

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