The FuChat, An Environmentally Friendly Phone Concept that Detects Your Emotions

The FuChat is a cordless phone for the home that can make both Internet calls and regular calls. The FuChat is also an interactive tool that allows users to increase their emotional self-awareness. The FuChat phone has sensors that can detect changes of tone in a person’s voice and changes in body temperature, in order to alert the user of their current emotional state. The goal of this function is to make interaction with the phone a more personal experience, improving communication by tying human emotions into an electronic device. The FuChat phone is made from renewable plastic to reduce its impact on the environment. Online account management and support is also included with the FuChat, allowing people to easily configure and manage their phone through the Internet.

fu chat concept phone

fu chat concept phone

The FuChat is made from a biodegradable plastic made from renewable materials like corn starch and sugarcane to reduce its impact on the environment. The FuChat uses a light aluminum compound for the inner framework to increase its durability. The environmentally conscious materials in the phone will appeal to users that are concerned about protecting the environment.

fu chat concept phone

The FuChat uses emotion to increase effective communication. When the FuChat detects a change in the user’s tone of voice or body temperature, it will change the display, text, sound, lights, and color on the phone. Emotional self-awareness can help with business calls, personal calls, general awareness, or people with specific needs like anger management. If the user is busy and does not want to be disturbed, they can set the phone to block all calls and record voicemail messages. The user can enter information about important events into the FuChat and the FuChat will remind the user of these events before they happen. Two-way interaction with the FuChat will closely bond the user with the FuChat.

fu chat concept phone

The FuChat is a tool people can use to convey personal information with others in their home. The back of the FuChat displays the user’s emotional information, the time, weather images, or the “Do not disturb” icon when they are busy. The phone can also hang from a door-handle using the hole on the top of the phone while displaying messages like “Do not disturb” or “Busy studying.” The bottom of the FuChat is weighted so it can stand upright on any flat surface in order to display messages.

fu chat concept phone

The FuChat connects the user to their environment through interaction. The wall-mounted base station of the FuChat displays weather conditions, temperature, time, and caller ID for incoming calls. Weather information is taken from the Internet and is displayed using lively images. The front of FuChat also displays caller ID for incoming calls, has a numbered keypad for dialing, and has buttons to make a call, hang up, and select menu items. Access to regular land-line telephone networks provides additional reliability in the case of Internet outages.

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