Evok Concept Showerhead Reduces The Amount of Water In The Flow While You Soap Up

Evok concept showerhead was a design submission for a contest hosted by Unilever. The brief was simple, each contestant had to come up with sustainable and futuristic shower that could improve our environment as well as our lives. It’s important to come up with concept that’s based on existing technologies since viability is an important factor for development.

Based on hours of observation and their own experiences while taking a bath, these 2 Brazilian designers, Renato Saes and Ricardo Roprusan came up with a concept shower that helps to save water in the bathroom.

Evok Shower features a little sensor that cuts the water automatically when user moves away from the proximity radius, in this way, it eliminates water waste since most people usually just let the water run down while shaving or applying soap/shampoo. This concept shower also features touch-sensitive system and digital temperature control bath.

Designer : Renato Saes and Ricardo Roprusan

Evok Concept Showerhead by Renato Saes and Ricardo Roprusan

Evok Concept Showerhead by Renato Saes and Ricardo Roprusan

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