Eos Triton : The Automatic Individual Car Of The Future

This futuristic car with the form of a shell is the proposal of the designer Priyanka Martin to personal transportation for the year 2025. The Eos Triton is an individual transportation unit inspired by a shell, so it can protect its passenger while travelling comfortably and it saves spaces on the roads and parking lots.

The car will drive automatically by an integrated system therefore accidents and traffic jams will be far less common. Using this system, the passenger just needs to input the destination, while the Eos Triton searches the fastest and safest way to reach it. During the journey, the passenger can relax and use the travelling time for other things like surfing the net, reading a book, taking a nap, etc…

This vehicle also uses just one wheel, balancing itself thanks to a gyroscope. Also, depending on the development of alternative fuels in the next years it will be adjusted to use electricity or fuel cells.

Designer : Priyanka Martin

birds eye view

front view 3.4




back view 3.4

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5 thoughts on “Eos Triton : The Automatic Individual Car Of The Future

  1. lol, seriously 2025?

    looks more like 2125

    looks something metroid would use. It does look pretty cool

    this may never become real for a long time, but i would like the world to shift to computer driven cars ASAP

      • Robots killing people after realizing its existence is prosperous within the next 50-years. At the very least we would have evolved to become part humand and part cyborg by the time robots start to turn around and kill.

        I think this car is doable right now, we have the technology for 99.9% automated vehicles thanks to google and things similar to this car at a smaller scale does exist. The biggest problem is its surface area because the moment there's heavy wind, it'll topple over, regardless how good its gyroscope technology is.

        Well, given that your post was over a year ago, I can understand why you didn't know about the google car.

  2. there are always pros and cons…
    we are already using self driven air planes, if u come to think of it!!! some thing called autopilot!!!
    the idea may not run at the end of the day…. but an exploration in to the idea is essential. cos who knows what the actual applications of such technological advancements may be!
    check out ' future car' by discovery!

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