The Interaction Between Humans And Design Or Engineering Software Is Brought To A New Level Using The Tool

The Tool is a brand new way to interact with nowadays complex design and engineering software. It provides an intuitive and completely customizable interface to connect the user with the 3-dimensional environment they work within. The Tool uses a system of triangulation, which helps it to determine where in space the two palm pods are. Within the energizing bed there are two reference points that in conjunction with the magnetic screen module reference point, the internal processor can calculate the exact position relative to these points. This unique way to interact with what you create, opens new frontiers in both software development and industrial design. The case of The Tool is constructed with a strong polycarbonate outer shell, filled with soft neoprene material to protect the system while in transit or from shocks generated from dropping the case. The Tool’s palm pods, which help you control what you create, fit comfortably in both hands by following the natural arch of the finger tips and allowing the thumb to rest comfortably on the scroll wheel.

Designer : Nikolas Womeldorff

the tool concept9

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The most important advantage of The Tool is that each of the trigger and the scroll wheel on each of the pods, can be designated to a certain function you use. The six triggers and the two scroll wheels allow you to call up an arsenal of your personal functions instantaneously. This system of scrolls and triggers helps the user forget all those messy and awkward keyboards shortcuts. It creates a more fluid environment in which to interact with their designs. The user can combine the trigger to create more shortcuts for functions, thus summoning subsets of functions to literally pot your most used operations at your finger tips. The Tool is designed to be extremely portable, the designer or engineer should be able to pick up his gear and work on-site, as a satellite office. It uses a USB 2.0 technology so in can be easily connected to any computer.

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The energizing bed houses three inductive charging units in order to charge both palm pods and the magnetic screen module. The current travels through the polycarbonate walls and charges the rechargeable batteries within the three units. The Tool gives a new understanding to the words create and design. This way of interaction and the movements you make, gives you the feeling of being the conductor of an orchestra of functions which will help you create long lasting masterpieces and interact with your ideas in a 3D environment.

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