Elegant Ribbon R27 Boat Features Luxurious Environment

A practical Ribbon R27 Boat has been designed to provide boat enthusiasts a fun day boat for driving both lakes and sea. It features unique styling and design that can accommodate up to 7 adults, the luxurious environment should offer high level of refinement. The elegance interior with excellent quality means you get to travel in pure comfort, yes, the boat is clothed in finest materials. Ribbon R27 Boat exterior style is matched by interior materials where each one is manufactured by hands to achieve beautiful finish never seen before for a boat in its class. Carbon fiber detailing blends beautifully with Silvergaurd leatherwork, every detail is luxury and sophisticated.

Designer : Ribbon Yachts

Ribbon R27 Boat by Ribbon Yachts

Ribbon R27 Boat by Ribbon Yachts

We don’t have detail images of the interior but we can tell you this, the interior and exterior boundaries blend together in harmony and from the very start, the cockpit is the integral part of the concept. Slim dashboard creates lightweight appearance while the lounge environment was inspired by modern aeronautics completed with luxury Ribbon DNA cockpit seats. The aeronautical engineering also inspires the complex interior design and dynamic wing forms.

Ribbon R27 Boat by Ribbon Yachts

The revolutionize hull design allows it to pierce waves for smooth ride even in choppy waters. It utilizes a full vacuum injected composite construction to create deep vertical bow with unique lines. It’s one of evidence of Ribbon Yachts expertise in manufacturing of lightweight structure and in working with high-tech composites.

Each boat is designed and constructed to satisfy your needs. It is equipped with on-board entertainment, use your music players to play your favorite music, a bimini, a table, water ski pool, hand shower, toilet, indirect cockpit lights, and waterjet bow thruster. The engine features a Mercruiser TDI engine and a Mercruiser Bravo stern drive for easy docking and great maneuverability, even during tight turning circles, this boat gives you super fine controls.

Ribbon R27 Boat by Ribbon Yachts

Ribbon R27 Boat by Ribbon Yachts

Technical Specifications
Design : Ribbon Yachts
Naval Architect : Ribbon Yachts – Vripack
Length overall : 8.36 m – 27.43 ft
Beam : 2.55 m – 8.36 ft
Draft sterndrive : 0.41 m – 1.34 ft
Draft waterjet : 0.76 m – 2.49 ft
Airdraft : 1.96 m – 6.43 ft
Airdraft ex window : 1.53 m – 5.02 ft
Displacement : 2.300 kg
Construction : Composite
Hull shape : Deep V-planning deadrise 17°
Standard engine : Mercury TDI 3.0 V6 – 230 hp
Optional engine :

  • Mercury TDI 3.0 V6 – 260 hp
  • Mercury TDI 3.0 V8 – 335 hp
  • Mercury TDI 3.0 V8 – 370 hp

Standard propulsion : Mercury sterndrive
Optional propulsion : Rolls-Royce Kamewa waterjet
Maximum speed : 30 – 42 kn
Fuel tank : 372 litres – 98 gal
Classification : CE approved C category
Maximum load : 600kg
Maximum passengers : 7

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