Dog House Dryer Concept by Lucy Jung

Pet dryer house is already in market and it is well used in lots of pet saloons and some family houses. This product has shown that it is less stressful for dogs and cats to be dried without peoples hand touching them too much and with less dryer noise. However, there were still problems. First of all, it gave impression of microwave – making people think it is animal abuse. Also, although it had two versions for house and for pet saloon, for house use version was still taking too much of space in consideration of frequency of product use. Lastly, even though it is safe, pets could get scared inside the product.

Dog House Dryer has been designed with more friendly shape with plastic and fabric yellow pleated door so user can open it when pets feel nervous inside the dryer house. Also, product usage has been increased so that when it is not used as dryer it can be used as dog house. It is easy to take on and off the dome for users. We think ventilation and timer control are must have in this Dog House Dryer concept, to avoid the dog becoming overheating while drying which can lead to heat stroke.

Designer : Lucy Jung

Dog House Dryer by Lucy Jung

Dog House Dryer by Lucy Jung

Dog House Dryer by Lucy Jung

Dog House Dryer by Lucy Jung

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