Ribbon Offshore Vessel Concept Is Based on Ribbon 45 SC

Vripack has shared with us their latest 43ft supply vessel called Ribbon Offshore. The company teamed up with Ribbon yacht in the Netherlands and used modern Ribbon 45 SC design as the foundation for this new sturdy yacht. The challenge is to put all Vripack’s practical knowledge into a perfect design without compromising the design. In order to accomplish this task, Vripack chose to work together with Ribbon Yacht, a well known maritime design and manufacturer based in Netherlands. The result is strong design yet still features practical seat and ergonomic layout, you probably can recognize the same characteristic from Ribbon 45 SC.

Designers : Vripack and Ribbon Offshore

Ribbon Offshore Vessel by Vripack

Ribbon Offshore is a compact fast supply vessel, it is ideal for multiple purpose from transporting small supplies to containers as well as crews. It can also be used as survey vessel, pilot boat, coast guard or rescue vessel. This vessel has been designed with strong vacuum injected composite hull that gives high-tech, stiff structure to cruise smoothly in heavy seas. Aside from that, it’s constructed with a solid workboat and a sub frame to protect the crew.

Equipped with an anti-slip flat 360-degree deck and live rail allow anyone to get on and off the board safely at any desired position. The cockpit is pretty spacious, leaving enough space for 10 passengers beside the captain and navigator. Powered by two Cummins 600 HP engines, Ribbon Offshore moves pretty fast, but thank you to vector stick control system, it has great maneuverability and fine control in narrow quarters.

Ribbon Offshore Vessel by Vripack

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