El-Egance-A Stylish Hearing Aid, Featuring Great Functionality

‘el’ is a hearing device concept that has been designed aiming to transform hearing aids into an elegant accessory. The concept comprises three main parts. First is the hearing device that can be worn in each ear to ensure clear sound for hearing impaired people by amplifying and adjusting sounds. Second is the two ring control unit, designed to be worn on each index finger that features a manual volume controller to adjust the volume of the hearing device. Inside the ring, a radio frequency receiver has been placed that remains hidden by the external piece. Finally, the display case, where the first two elements are placed that acts as a charging station for them. The entire design ensures stunning aesthetic appeal for users, while providing loud, clear and distinct sound for hearing impaired people.





Designer : Ryan Kirkpatrick

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13 thoughts on “El-Egance-A Stylish Hearing Aid, Featuring Great Functionality

  1. Interesting idea. Would this apply to everyone with a hearing loss? There are various degrees of hearing loss. I wonder if this would apply to those who are severely-profoundly deaf. Personally, I think I would rather wear my own personal jewelery (sometimes I may want diamonds or gold). Nevertheless, it is a really cool idea and I like that they are coming up with such neat designs.

    • Hi Rebecca. Thanks for the feedback.

      To answer your questions; No, the design is not suitable for everyone with hearing loss. It is only suited for people with conductive hearing loss, as opposed to those with sensorineural hearing loss – these people may benefit from a cochlear implant or bone anchored instrument. The design is suitable for those with minor to severe impairment as the digital settings can be adjusted accordingly.

      As for wanting to wear diamonds or gold, the design can be manufactured in any precious material. The pictures above are of the design cast in argentium sterling silver – for its tarnish resistant qualities. However each of the pieces can be cast in gold, bronze, platinum or a variety of other materials. The brushed inner pieces of the ear devices may also be customised with diamonds or other precious stones to suit the desires of its user.

      I hope that clears anything up, and thanks again for your feedback.

      • Wow – ONLY a conductive hearing loss? That hardly makes sense. Are you an audiologist Ryan, or have any training in the hearing industry?

        First of all, there are very few conductive hearing losses that cannot be treated medically.
        Secondly, most hearing aid users have a sensorineural hearing loss, and most of them are NOT candidates for cochlear implants or bone anchored devices.

        YOU need to do more a little more homework before you start designing and marketing hearing aids to people.

        • Thanks for your feedback. The design has the same range of useability as existing Behind the Ear, In the Ear and In the Canal products (and you are correct, they can be used for both sensorineural and conductive hearing loss). The difference is that I attempted to position the hearing aid as a feature, rather than a device that needs to be concealed. This means that the problems inherent with concealment, such as compromised sound quality and usability, can be overcome.
          I am not an audiologist and I have no official qualifications in that field. However, I did conduct extensive research in the process of designing this product, including consulting with audiologists and engineers.

    • Some preliminary research showed that the design would last approximately 17 hours on full use and up to 50 hours when in standby mode. Oh and I'll send it straight to the lab for youth generation testing.

  2. The design looks wonderful – where can I buy it? I've had trouble with audiologists in Australia i.e. mainly pricing.
    The projects they trying to sell are way overpriced and they don't look good on a person.

    Others have asked where to get one – I would like to as well, so is this possible over the internet?

  3. Beautiful design for someone who has minor hearing loss, like me, and does not want to hide the hearing aid.
    As soon as you get a manufacturer, let us know!

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