OEX_B Vehicle Brings Stunning Overland Expedition for Future Travelers

The OEX_B concept vehicle has been designed for ultimate future overland expeditions focusing on improved visibility of the passengers to create an innovative sightseeing vehicle solution. The vehicle features a large porthole with road side facing panoramic seats and a hatch on the rear end of the vehicle that opens for the passengers to observe behind the vehicle. Moreover, it contains a built-in binocular on the lateral extendible balcony that allows the passengers to see distant things and take photos of them. The vehicle is powered with a series-hybrid system supported by a diesel generator which makes it powerful enough to efficiently perform in different drive terrain. Moreover, a flower like retractable solar panel generates alternative power for the vehicle’s functioning.

oex_b vehicle

oex_b vehicle

oex_b vehicle

oex_b vehicle

oex_b vehicle

Designer : Hamidreza Bekhradi and IVECO

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6 thoughts on “OEX_B Vehicle Brings Stunning Overland Expedition for Future Travelers

  1. looks really nice. would love to go about in one. But whats the arm & tyre on the front for? surly that just obstructs the view of the driver?

    but the solar panel is seriously beautiful (can I have that for my house?)

  2. Apps for:

    Search & Rescue


    Exec VIP


    School bus for Alaska

    Command Post

    Media vehicle.

    Rescue vehicle



  3. really awesome, but what’s with the arm/tusk like thing on the front, doesn’t look very safe or legal. It surely prevents you from seeing what’s in front of you.

  4. If you look at the location of the attachment on the front holding the spare wheel, and then compare it to the location of the seats in the cockpit, there will be no difficulty seeing in front of you. It's to low and could probably be used for an emergency impact shield. Though it could be a danger for the other participant in the wreck because of its pointy shape, maybe design it with more width and flatness. More like a bumper, it could hold more than just a wheel then, other then that., it is a very good idea.

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