Groth Concept SUV for Extreme Road Conditions by Al Hasbi

Groth is a concept SUV inspired by futuristic robot form. Al Hasbi, an Indonesian industrial designer, said that he wanted to design a vehicle for extreme road conditions since cities in Indonesia were mostly flooded in heavy rains. You can read description about this project below in Hasbi’s own words.

This is “Groth”, a SUV car with magnetic microhair material that can change it transparency All of the doors and windows could automatically reduce the amount of hot sunlight passing through them

I was inspired by futuristic robot (shape), the issues I raised is about Indonesia, where the cities in Indonesia are often flooded when it rains, the streets are hollow or broken, and increasingly crowded parking lots. Moreover, Indonesia has a natural beauty that is very rich, when someone driving to a place surrounded vast expanse of nature, to be sure they want to feel the sensation of driving while looking around.

Therefore, I tried to design a vehicle that can adapt to the circumstances, so I made a SUV type vehicle that can reach the urban terrain and extreme street. This car can pass through flooding and damaged roads though as it has a high ground clearance. The car is equipped with a scissor door system, the car doors can be opened by pulling upwards not to the side. so it doesn’t need too much space to open the doors, and when parking in tight spaces too, the driver and passengers can still get out and get in the car.

Designer : Al Hasbi

Groth SUV Concept Car by Al Hasbi

Groth SUV Concept Car by Al Hasbi

The car is also equipped with magnetic technology microhair material, where this technology is applied to the doors, roof, and windows. This technology provides transparent effect from the inside so that the people who are in the car can see a panoramic view of the car without limits. But when seen from outside the car, it will look solid like cars in general, so that people outside can not see inside the car.

This car is intended for entrepreneurs who work in the city, and loved traveling with family or friends, in an effort to remove tired at the weekend.

Groth SUV Concept Car by Al Hasbi

Groth SUV Concept Car by Al Hasbi

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