Fully Open Shoes : Put On Your Shoes Simply by Stepping On Them

Fully Open Shoes have been designed to solve all problems we might be dealing when we put shoes on our feet. According to these industrial designers, putting on shoes is a whole body movement, such as bend over, squat or use our hands. Unfortunately to some people, putting on their shoes is impossible without the help from other. This is where Fully Open Shoes come in handy.

Designers : Han Like, Ren Mingjun, Liao Zhaolong, Liu Peng ,Lin Lin, Chen Xun, Meng Qingbao, Zhao Xiaoliang, Hou Wenpei, Liu Jin, Bao Linlin, Zhang Qisheng, and Shi Lei

Fully Open Shoes

Fully Open Shoes

All these designers focus on modern industrial design, therefore, the result is stylish and convenient shoes to wear. User can put on these shoes simply by stepping on them. It is suitable for everyone, giving them a new experience of convenience and freedom.

Fully Open Shoes

Fully Open Shoes

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11 thoughts on “Fully Open Shoes : Put On Your Shoes Simply by Stepping On Them

  1. Problem is people like shoes to be a desirable object and these are ugly like some sort of space age clog. Perhaps if redesigned a little they would be suitable for indoor wear and therefore handy for the disabled and elderly. As a general new show concept for the general public though not a chance.

  2. Hasib makes a very good point. I don’t see much stopping the elements and dirt from easily getting in there.

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