BOx – Smart Bottle Opener Is Hand Carved from Solid Wood

A bottle opener is a simple tool that we use on daily basis, how about if we can enhance this simple tool into something even smarter and more fun? It looks like these 3 best friends who enjoy drinking beers together have come up with a cool bottle opener design. BOx, a smart bottle opener where you can share your beer drinking experience with friends even when you are away from each other. This opener has built-in WiFi router board (powered by an AAA battery) that sends a smart cheers to your friends wherever they are. Hand carved from solid wood, this little tool wants to give you best experience when opening your bottle.

How it works?

– Slide Box on top of the cap
– Hold the neck of the bottle
– Pop the cap, easy

From : BOx

BOx Smart Bottle Opener

BOx Smart Bottle Opener

The unique ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use as well as hold, you can share your beer drinking moment in real time with your friends and family regardless where they are. User can download BOx App to activate Box and communicate with other Box user around the world.

BOx Smart Bottle Opener

BOx Smart Bottle Opener

BOx Smart Bottle Opener

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