Sidewinder SCBA : A Next Generation Equipment For Convenient Functioning Of Firefighters

The Sidewinder concept is a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus or SCBA that has been specially designed for firefighters with the ability of a wider field of vision and movement. This innovative mask features a regulator that can retract the air tube over the shoulder, reducing snag points. Additionally, this concept comprises voice amplifier, flashlight and heads up display for providing more information, ensuring better functioning of the firefighters. The design features a GPS system to alert firefighters about an injured coworker and show directions to exit or a particular area. Also, the harness has been changed to enable firefighters to glide through tiny openings without the need of removing their harness.

sidewinder scba

sidewinder scba

sidewinder scba

sidewinder scba

sidewinder scba

Designer : Jordan Swartzentruber

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R Lima says: March 3, 2013

Onde comprar?

Manuel says: June 2, 2013

How can I get one??

kingston says: June 28, 2013

where can i get one too

Ambross says: September 19, 2013

Yes, we all know that works of firefighter are really very tough and there have the risk of destroy firefighter life. For this cause different type of equipment is very much necessary. Above allocated equipment for firefighter seems to me quite handy and a new edition for next generation. Thanks

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