Shadow Caddy, The Next Big Thing ?

Do you live near a golf course? If you are a regular golfer then Shadow Caddy is a must for you. The stylish design attracts people wherever it goes. This caddy looks like a machine that carries the golfer’s clubs for them and follows them around the golf course. This is a three wheels electronic caddy without any remote control or buttons and the tracking is done without any GPS. It follows with the help of sensors worn by the golfer. This product is made for modern golfers who hate to carry their woods. It is capable of climbing hills which might be difficult for a normal man. There is no doubt about it that Shadow Caddy takes the technology to next level, and just for your information the shadow caddy is currently ready for market. Public trials are being conducted at four Melbourne golf courses. So, do you think shadow caddy is going to be the next big thing? You decide…

shadow caddy

shadow caddy the next big thing

shadow future caddy

shadow future caddy

shadow future caddy

Designer : Hubert Novak via TheNextBigThingAward

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One thought on “Shadow Caddy, The Next Big Thing ?

  1. Shadow Caddy is the first robotic golf caddy that follows the player anywhere around the golf course. There's no need for remote controls or joysticks.

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