Mimic Adaptable Tub Is Specially Designed for Elderly People

Mimic is an adaptable tub designed to help elderly people to have amazing bathing experiences. It is highly adaptable and it changes shape depending on user’s needs, it can adjust the height of both sides to allow for easy access or adjust the bottom surface to the user’s body during the bath, user can also have a more elevated position to make the bathing process easier. It means that elderly people can change Mimic’s shape to enter and leave the tube easily.

To have this ability on the surface, Mimic Bathtub uses a smart-material that changes its length and shape by means of magnetic impulses. This technology allows Mimic to change its form accurately, returning it to its original shape once it is not in use. The aim of this tub project is to adjust its surface to meet the needs of each family member, because none of us bathe the same way.

Designer : Horacio M. Pace Bedetti

Mimic Adaptable Tub by Horacio M. Pace Bedetti

Mimic Adaptable Tub by Horacio M. Pace Bedetti

Mimic Tub is simple to use, it adapts its shape through voice commands. For example, just using the voice command “mimic seat” the surface creates a comfortable chair. The command “mimic clean” elevates the surface to help cleaning. Furthermore, mimic allows you to reconfigure the voice commands and even create new ones, making the bath a unique experience.

Mimic is equipped with integrated heating system that controls the temperature of the water. The problem with conventional heating systems usually is that water loses temperature as it’s transported through the plumbing. With the ultra-efficient system, water doesn’t leave the system until it is at the right temperature. Forget the cold water at the beginning of the bath because with the integrated heating system nothing is wasted, even the first drop has the right temperature

Mimic Adaptable Tub by Horacio M. Pace Bedetti

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