LOTOS Mobile Power Washer

We always love portable gadgets, even a washer goes portable now. LOTOS is a compact, little power washer which is developed for mobile use. Smaller cleaning jobs can be settled with an amount of 12 litres of water. The product consists of a tank, a motor device and a spray-pistol. Easy handling is guaranteed by an innovative and flexible water-tank system. In empty and idle state LOTOS can be packed and stored space-saving. The required spraying power is created by a strong lithium-ion accumulator. LOTOS has received the IF Concept Award 2008, contact the designer through his website for more information or collaboration

lotos mobile power washer

lotos mobile power washer

lotos mobile power washer

lotos mobile power washer

lotos mobile power washer

lotos mobile power washer

Designer : Sascha Seibert

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napoleon donado says: July 22, 2008

plase send me price for lotos power mobile washer

TheFuture says: July 22, 2008

@napoleon, it's still a concept

Ali Ghosn says: November 16, 2008

Please provide me the the price and contact information relevant to this product.

Janakiraman says: December 5, 2012

A mobile power washer equipment would be very useful for the travel purposes. This equipment would be very much useful at the time of urgency when your car or any other transportation vehicle needs immediate attention in cleaning to prevent the serious damage and expenditure.

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