TRVL Portable PC Concept for Travelers

So packed your bags to go for that holiday? Did you take your passport or maps for the destination or tickets or Camera and your camcorder? Make sure you do have extra help nearby at your vacation. Not any more! Welcome to the portable PC or TRVL. TRVL PC Concept is a perfect companion for all you frequent travelers who needs to be in touch. This multi-purpose gadget performs multiple functions such as map/navigation, ID/Passport, guide, ticket/schedule, TV/ e-mail and camera/video. Wow! The luggage is lighter now.

TRVL changes people’s travel lifestyle. This PC reduces both physical and physicological stress during traveling. People can easily learn and study a different culture by using TRVL without any guides or guidebooks. It makes people travel much easier because it requires less preparation.

The size is that of a normal passport so not much baggage space. So due to its portability and efficiency, one can travel smoothly. It basically works on voice recognition and touch screen technology. On the sides of the body are the buttons for main functions. Thus using navigation and guide functions it is no more guidebooks or maps.

trvl traveler device concept

trvl digital passport identity concept

The clear display leads the users to use navigation and guide functions. So through the display, the user interacts with the environment. Also it looks lighter than the actual weight owing to its transparent display. With solar thermal cooling system inside the body this sure is one environment conscious gadget. So bon voyage partner!

trvl all in one traveler device concept

trvl pc concept

trvl portable pc for traveler concept

trvl portable digital device for traveler concept

trvl traveler concept

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3 thoughts on “TRVL Portable PC Concept for Travelers

  1. If Id save those darn TSA lines, then YES

    Produce this,

    Ill trade in my std Passport for one of these EZ.


    Must for heavy travel users alone


    Rental car, debit/credit card/ ID.


    It can replace the drivers lisc for any vehicle.

    Now to upgrade CA State DMV alone.

    Mass produce this one.

    Id trade in Iphone for one of these.

    Too valuable NOT to use.

  2. ok love the idea on this one but if it was going to have things like your passport and other forms of id it would have to be government regulated, and with the way thins move in government we'll be luck if we have these 50 years from now.

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