Kylix : A New Design To Replace Traditional Coffee Cup

Kylix is a new design of drinking cup in order to replace the traditional coffee cup with a tiny ear-handle. This new drinking cup can be said as 3in1 cup. It has been designed with a hollow at the bottom that fits securely on top of a serving plate, user can use it as an egg-cup. There’s an opening on one side of the plate to allow a thumb to fit through, no more pressure on the fingers to squeeze through it, causing 2-3 crammed fingers. The plate has curved upward on one side to keep cookies or chips from falling.

Designer : Gabriel Parker

Kylix, Cup and Plate Server

Kylix, Cup and Plate Server

Kylix, Cup and Plate Server

Kylix, Cup and Plate Server

(Click the image for bigger view)

Kylix, Cup and Plate Server

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Margarita Struckman says: September 23, 2010

What an innovative, practical, and stylish idea!!!

cool person says: September 27, 2010

This is awesome! my mom would love this!

mooooo says: November 13, 2010

where do you buy them from?

Gabriel Parker says: November 19, 2010

Unfortunately not for sale or in production yet. Looking for exclusive marketing & licensing at this point with more ideas in the making…
Thanks for your input.

allisonp06 says: November 26, 2012

That sucks!!! I was so going to purchase a few sets as excellent Christmas gifts! Smh……. :

Celinda says: April 20, 2013

Love it! Please make them.

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