IZZY Plastic City Bike for Your Green Solution to Personal Travel

IZZY plastic city bike with a new look, made out of plastic, inbuilt safety, security and comfort features. To enhance the urban cycling experience and to provide:an innovative, alternative and stylish design; a healthy and green solution to personal travel; and a credible alternative to the car, perfect for urban lifestyle.

Omer Sagiv, the designer (currently work for Ron Arad in London), explained that this bike has 2 unique free standing locking systems, 3 dimensional illumination and integrated rear suspension are all inbuilt, providing cheap and simple solutions to problems that every urban bike rider experiences and have been designed with the urban rider in mind. The unique design and development of a molded plastic frame allows the bicycle to incorporate all of the innovative features within its fluid and fluent shape. Furthermore, the IZZY bike owner will be able to recycle the main frame, thus revamping the color of the bicycle – simply, cheap, and with regard to the environment.

izzy plastic city bike

izzy plastic city bike concept

izzy plastic city bike for urban lifestyle

izzy environmentally friendly plastic city bike

izzy plastic city bike

Designer : Omer Sagiv and Uri Sadeh

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Lorenzo Toniutti says: July 3, 2008

Rather than a comment I'm here raising some queries:

– has the "izzy" bike designes been ever utilised for sampling only or even for actually producing the bike?

– any plan from your side to market it and, if so, how do you intend doing it?

– is the "izzy" design liable to be modified in accordance with possible advise from accepted marketing sources?

-if your are on designing stage only, without having entered production process steps and problems, are you open to any dialogue with other parties ?


L. Toniutti

(ready to answer any question from yourside)

Wigga says: October 8, 2009

Where are these cad drawings from? Are there any readily available??

panos says: May 16, 2011

poso kostizei?

Pedro says: April 7, 2016


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