Futuristic Digital Escape Concept from FrogDesign

This futuristic digital mask would emulate the smell, sound and the quality of air for that wonderful fresh experience and also the facial expressions of the user can be detected. We know that there are many devices that we use for our convenience and leisure like music, movies etc. But when it comes to preventing ourselves from this hazardous pollution do we even bother to think about it? And the answer is NO! Everyday we get ready in the morning, we take bath, dress up well, and ladies put on their makeup and then leave our homes for our respective works. But never think of the perilous pollution waiting outside to attack us. Here we brought to an excellent product, which would act as a mask for the user and the people outside. It gives a very evident, embellished coolness to the wearer. FrogDesign has come up with a mask concept as future digital escape, it looks like a gadget where we can only see in the movie, but well … let’s hope this one can come into reality

mask frog concept digital escape

mask frog concept futuristic digital escape

future mask frog concept

Designer : FrogDesign

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Mr.Faintomne says: November 7, 2008

cool idea, i actually thought of something similar to that! But instead the mask allowed the person to breath under water. Try thinking about having the mask converting water bubbles into oxygen

    Mephi says: March 26, 2017

    With due respect but oxygen in water is dissolved in water. To convert them into oxygen this thing will break the molecules of water.

Nick says: November 19, 2008

Great idea. I want one of these also I agree with poster above me love the look

troyison says: August 26, 2014

Heck, I want it just to annoy the people around me.

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