Wish Folding Stretcher Only Needs One Person to Carry

After a disaster strikes, the most important mission is to rescue victims. However, when the disaster happens in difficult terrain or challenging weather conditions, it can be really difficult for rescue team to carry the victims to a safe place. Wish Folding Stretcher has been designed to enable a rescuer to easily carry and push out of a disaster area, yes, this stretcher can be carried and pushed by only one person instead of two. Our conventional stretcher has to be carried by two person, but since this concept stretcher can be folded into one compact unit and carried on the back, the rescue mission can be optimized and sped up.

Designer : Wang Jizhe

Wish Folding Stretcher by Wang Jizhe

Wish Folding Stretcher by Wang Jizhe

A rescuer can foldout Wish Folding Stretcher to accommodate a victim and push it out of the disaster area. When this two-wheeled stretcher is unfolded, simply push the switch near the handles to adjust the legs, its large-span wheels offer more stability, that’s why it can be pushed by only one person. Two straps are incorporated onto Wish Folding Stretcher; these straps can be used to secure the victim on the stretcher and transform into backpack straps when in folded mode.

Wish Folding Stretcher by Wang Jizhe

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