Fractal 23 by Takeshi Miyakawa

Looking for storage space for all those files you want to stock? Are you thinking the amount of space it will take up in your office? Isn’t this the normal scenario when you want to store all those important documents? Even if you might be running that paper less office, still there are a few items that need to be stocked in the paper form no matter what. However that is not the solution but the beginning of a problem. What with area needed for al those file racks and the space that shall be occupied. Takeshi Miyakawa’s design Fractal 23 is an interesting one.

Firstly since the commercial spaces are getting more and more expensive and the office location smaller and smaller, the emphasis in today’s space constrained offices is of utilizing the space provided to the best way possible. The advantage that the Fractal 23 bureau has is that firstly it is a cube; secondly it is scientifically proved that cube occupies the least amount of space. Hence it is a design that from the start is on a winning track.

fractal23 multiple furniture

Since the design uses every cubic inches that is possible in the design, Takeshi Miyakawa has really found the perfect solution of both storage and space

fractal23 by takeshi miyakawa

Designer : Takeshi Miyakawa

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