Stylish Master Knife from F.O.R.

Modern pace of life is very fast. Time is priceless. We aspire to do more and spend less time on every task, including cooking process. The design task here is to create kitchen accessory, which can shorten cooking time.

Task solution: multifunctional item, which combines a chef knife with a handy spatula.

From an aesthetic standpoint, Master Knife has a nice on the touch material, a tight-knit design with bright green color of top covering on knife’s edge. It’s a stylish accessory for cooking. From a functional standpoint, this knife helps to minimize time for cooking by using one item instead of two or three. Now you can cut vegetables, mix a salad and turn pancakes having used only one item and save your time.

Designer : Mikhail Belyaev for F.O.R.

Master Knife by F.O.R

Master Knife by F.O.R

Master Knife by F.O.R

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