Environmentally Friendly Solar Shades Canopies

As the primary energy sources is depleting by the day, the emphasis is to find alternative energy sources. Solar energy is turning out to be one viable solution. Many devices are being developed keeping in mind the immense capability the solar energy can provide us. While doing this the prime motto is conservation. What best to do than to teach the same to the kids in school so that as the new generation grows up, they do so with conserving energy? Keeping the same in mind, Australian designers Buro North has come up with Solar Shades which educates school children of primary level about energy collection from the sun. It also provides shades to the playground.

The canopies (which look more like giant duck feet) have solar cells on top. The large handles on the base ensures that the canopy can be rotated by teachers or pupils to get the most efficient orientation from the sun throughout the day. The LED displays, communicate the energy generated and if the device needs to be turned around.

solar shade green technology

solar shade eco friendly technology

Thus this government funded initiative, which in partnership with VEIL (i.e. Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab), is a possibility for future to integrate solar-energy harvesting technologies into a form which is pragmatic (i.e. providing shade & energy), education and evocative.

solar shade green technology by buro north

solar shade environmentally friendly

solar shade concept

Designer : Buro North via IGreenSpot via Dezeen

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4 thoughts on “Environmentally Friendly Solar Shades Canopies

  1. hey it’s an extra-ordinary concept. I think solar technology gave a birth to bright future which is awesome and this technology increase day by day which should be very beneficial.I think it helps people very well because it doesn’t need electric city and doesn’t need a tree.We can kept where ever we want,this concept having great future.

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