Flower Bud : Modern Adjustable Computer Workstation Concept

In the recent corporate world, combining architectural and ergonomic quality is really essential, but still hard to achieve. This adjustable computer workstation concept is inspired by the born of ‘flower bud’ and is made aiming a user of any age group and gender. This movable workstation solution is an ideal choice for those who need a computer workstation that presents a wide range of comfort. The seats are designed with modern fiber glass, styled in fashionable colors, which offers a passable level of privacy while provides a relaxing environment and when not in use, both the sections slide together forming a condensed shell.

flower bud workstation

flower bud workstation

flower bud workstation

Designer : Won Shik Yu

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melanie says: May 26, 2009

this is so cool!!!

Won says: May 26, 2009

thx a lot~~melanie~~

any comments on this product will be very helpful~~

frank says: July 28, 2009

so what if you are on this computer and it closes and smashes you to death? whats the return policy on that?

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