Leapfrog (Celebral Palsy Helper) by Donn won Braun

Singaporean designer (and a recent industrial design graduate from NUS), Donn Koh, had recently clinched one of the most coveted prizes for industrial design students – the Braun Prize. Titled Leapfrog, the project helps children with spinal problems to switch between sitting, standing and walking seamlessly.

leapfrog, celebral palsy, brain-injured

LeapFrog humanizes the assistive walker for the brain-injured child by combining stander and walker functionality – it transforms, and assists, in sync with the child?s intention to sit, stand or walk. Besides supporting physical development, sense of independence and esteem, LeapFrog also turns ?painful? medical engineering aesthetics into sociable, toy-like approachability.

Source : gemssty.com

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20 thoughts on “Leapfrog (Celebral Palsy Helper) by Donn won Braun

  1. Hi

    We have a grandchild with spina bifida, also has hydrosephalus but does not have a shunt. He is 2 years old and I would be interested in the price for the walker for him.

    Also of course availability, he lives in Scotland UK

    Thank you

  2. I would be interested in using this with a 5-year old student I work with that has spina bifida. What is the availabilty in the U.S.?

  3. Sir/Madam:

    I am interested in retailing this product in the USA. Can you provide any contact information for the manufacturer?

    David Jebb
    DM Global Enterprises, LLC

  4. Ich suche wer Verkauf dieser LeapFrog Gehhilfe für Kinder (Design von Doon Koh)?
    I am looking for who sold this LeapFrog Assistive Walker for Children (Design from Donn Koh)?
    Hladam kde mozem kupit asistenčné choditko LeapFrog pre deti od (Donn Koh desein)?
    [email protected]

  5. This looks like the perfect walker for my daughter who has CP. How do I get a hold of one of these?
    We live in the US.

    • Did you ever get one? I know this was years ago but I have a child who is 2 with CP and looking for a walker. Thank you

  6. Hi

    My daughter is 3yrs old she has low tone muscles and poor neck control.There is no diagnosis for her so far.just wanted to check can she use this product.

  7. I have a child 2 yrs that has no muscles control in his legs a is to tall for a baby walker we live in Australia 4305 could you please let me know how much and could we get it in this country

  8. This is an amazing product – life changing by the looks of it.

    is there a time line for release or further testing? (Ie – Is there a plan to bring beyond concept?)

    Or Is a simplified version currently available?

    Just reading the other comments – I would be very interested in volunteering as a tester (4yr old cerebral palsy) and looking into distribution licensing in Europe also, if there is opportunity to do so.

  9. Good evening I would like to know how and where can I buy one and how much is it? I have a 3 year old grandson that has cp ,

  10. Hello,

    I am physical therapist from Brazil. I woukd like to know if you has some representations in Brazil. And how I could represent your company here? And if you have many other materials to walking or some motor positions?

    Thank you so much

    Light and Peace

  11. Me gustaría saber si sigue siendo un concepto o una realidad, tengo una niña de 11 años con PC por prematurez, sería una maravillosa opción para ella

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