Street Cleaner Concept by Alan Kravchenko

The Street Cleaner concept design demonstrates a light but highly efficient vehicle that can be used for keeping the streets cleaner than ever. The outlook of this single seater is quite identical of a golf car except the closed hood. The both way rear view mirrors will give a clear look of the passing vehicles around which will lead the cleaner to safer operation. There are two compartments, smaller one in the front and a bigger one in the back. These compartments can be used to store other necessary tools. Along with the windshield and side doors made of glasses, the driver will have complete comfort during a hot or a rainy day.

street cleaner

street cleaner

street cleaner

street cleaner

Designer : Alan Kravchenko

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2 thoughts on “Street Cleaner Concept by Alan Kravchenko

  1. Nice for Urban settings, small towns,

    Looks like a modified VW Beetle coupe.

    Now add side arms, side sweepers, vacum device, soaker sprayer & dble rear end for above chems etc.

    Make EZ to use & service.

    Cheaper to run using Biofuel.

  2. please answer this email.

    I have designed as best i can my innovative air broom , one possible financier would like to see my air broom as a portable unit & for the last month i have been going nuts untill eventually i found you and top class designs of the street cleaner

    Air broom is at present a 2 hand portable device it has a pressure pod spray for soap & chemical , air & water force & air vacuum , i can clean a car/van/bus very fast no electric 1/3rd of water used in a perfect fashion patented copyright brand trade name / shipping container world record holder / have much detail of new EU regulations regarding efficiency to wash streets and clear leaves silently

    I assure you of my best intentions. JG

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