iPhone8 Concept Design Proposal by Giorgi Tedoradze

June 29 is a special day in the history of modern technologies. The first time the world has seen the iPhone on this day. It was a revolution in the mobile phone market, it’s been ten years since that day. During that time, iPhone has been further ...
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HTC VIVE X-One Smartphone Design Proposal by Mladen Milic

Mladen Milic has submitted his latest vision of the next HTC phone concept, featuring 5.2” display, 4GB RAM, Snapdragon 835, 13MP back camera, and 8MP front camera. Lately, there has been some rumors, leeks and images that HTC is planning and work...
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Nokia 3310 Brick Phone is Back!

Nokia 3310 mobile phone is back! Yes, this is a modern classic phone reimagined, it still features the iconic rounded form but the custom designed user interface provides a fresh look to a classic phone. It might not be a smartphone, but you can rely...
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Futuristic Alo Concept Phone Repairs Its Surface as Soon as It Is Scratched

Alo is the next phone generation, it’s a futuristic concept phone designed to work with temperature-based feedback and provide haptic feedback. Alo is part of class of objects that would become indispensable, featuring vocal high technology, high s...
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Quest Series Smartphones Design Proposal for HTC: Fury, Storm, and Thunder

Let's forget about the CES 2017 for a moment and take a look at the new HTC Quest Series Smartphone concept. This project is a design proposal for HTC, which has promised to release this series in 2017. With the new design and cool shape, the HTC Que...
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Elephone NXG Series : A Set of Three Boundless Smartphone Designs by Mladen Milic

Introducing Elephone NXG Series, it’s a set of three concept phones with the boundless visual effects, exciting new multimedia feature, and fresh new possibilities for even faster experience. Elephone NXG Series feature: 01. H.G Soft Touch Bu...
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Mi MIX : Revolutionary Edgeless Smartphone for Xiaomi by Philippe Starck

In collaboration with Philippe Starck, Xiaomi has unveiled its latest concept phone in front of 2,500 people in Beijing university stadium. Xiami Mi MIX is an ultra thin smartphone that combines advanced technology to bring you an unparalleled experi...
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Mobiado Professional 3 VG Fleur Concept Cell Phone Tries to Capture The Very Substance of Life

Proudly present, Professional 3 VG Fleur, it’s a new concept phone from Mobiado. Insired by nature and the idea to capture the very substance of life. This beautiful, romantic piece would join the extended collection of the Professional 3 VG series...
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Juice Disposable Charger : It’s a One-Time Use Charger to Stay Connected Wherever You Are

Large and bright screen of your smartphone sucks the power of battery in just hours, that’s why portable charger is very lucrative business on the market nowadays. Juice is a disposable charger, it powers your cell phone battery on-the-go, a device...
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Pixel Cell Phone by Google

Google doesn’t carry Nexus brand on its latest phone. Google Pixel Cell Phone offers highest rated smartphone camera with a battery that lasts all day. This is also the first phone that comes with built-in Google Assistant. Pixel’s camera offe...
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iPhone Pure Boasts Minimalist Design and and Simplifies Modern-Day Smartphone

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Apple Inc., Kurt Merki Jr. designed a supercomputer called iPro as a tribute to this company in 2014. Now, he is challenging the status quo of iPhone, creating a new direction not just evolution but a revolution b...
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Shadow Concept Cell Phone for SONY Features Dual Thin Display System

Submitted by Mladen Milic, Shadow is a concept cell phone proposal for SONY. It’s a project that offers convenient, free space for your fingers with roomier and clearer screen display, it would be really comfortable when watching movies, playing ga...
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iPhone7 Concept Design Proposal by Giorgi Tedoradze

One of the most distinctive products really is the iPhone over the last ten years. The minimalist design of this smartphone has been copied by other phone manufacturers, we also believe this smartphone has changed the way we connect with others. Don'...
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THOR: A Fully Modular Concept Smartphone Inspired by Google’s Project Ara

Inspired by Google’s Project Ara and ZTE’s Eco-Mobius concept, Mladen Milic has come up with THOR, a fully modular concept smartphone. THOR allows user to change each and every components thanks to a wide range of modules that offer many possibil...
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Concept Smartphone Proposal for Bugatti by Mladen Milic

A concept smartphone proposal for Bugatti, a French manufacturer of high-performance, luxurious sports car. Bugatti has been known for its elegant beauty, power and speed, this company also produces high quality clothes and accessories for both men a...
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