Zyphr Rescue Scooter by Gregory Hayter

Development of Zyphr Rescue Scooter was a direct result of identifying the needs of billions of people on earth who do not have quick and easy access to medical care. The majority of the world's population still lives in impoverished areas where it is not easy to provide medical attention. 'Minimal' and 'practical' were the keywords while designing this scooter which proved to be the most convenient and accessible way to transport those in need of medical attention. Special emphasis was placed o...
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TCOOTER = TWEEL + Scooter by Eric Han

This was a concept design project for Michelin with goals to create an affordable, adaptable, and efficient method of transportation suitable for India. "TCOOTER" means "TWEEL" + "Scooter", in connection to Michelin's "TWEEL" which means "Tire" + "Wheels". Suspensions of this vehicle will be replaced by technology of "TWEEL" and additional shock absorbing flexibility within bridge-like construction of the frame. Outer shell of the frame is used as cover for internal mechanism, and as a support f...
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Smart eScooter for Urban Mobility in The Future

In 2014, you’ll be able to enjoy riding Smart eScooter because according to Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing of Mercedes-Benz Cars, this electric vehicle will be ready. This transportation is part of Smart mobility concept for urban mobility in the future, you probably already heard about Smart fortwo and Smart ebike back in 2010. At that time those vehicles were just concept, but thankfully this automotive company is now consistently turning those concepts to ...
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Sway : Electric Tilting Trike by Joe Wilcox

Sway will make you think twice about movement. Sway combines thrill and performance of leaning into turns just like a motorcycle, but this time, you don’t have to worry about falling over like when you ride two wheels vehicle. Currently in the market, we already have tilting three wheelers, however, they are offered in very expensive price and complex structure. This unique sporty tilting three-wheel electric vehicle has been designed to meet the needs of a tilting trike that is not complex or...
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MATRA e-MO+ : Stylish, Fashionable and Eco Responsible Compact Scooter

Matra e-Mo+ is the upgraded version of Matra e-Mo compact scooter. Matra took the challenge from our society to make the scooter democratic. Riding this vehicle will drastically increase your purchasing power up to 80% and reduce your ecological footprint since it’s a free maintenance scooter that you can use without petrol or noise. Matra e-Mo+ features a speed of 45km/h and an autonomy up to 60km depending on the battery type. The difference with the older Matra e-Mo (without plus), this ...
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BMW Motorrad Concept E : BMW Electric Scooter for Future Urban Mobility

In order to satisfy the mobility demands of the future, the BMW group has aimed to develop serial production solutions. In connection to this, BMW Motorrad concept e is as well addressing issues pertaining to individual single-track mobility as well as future customer needs. With an intension to develop innovative solutions, BMW Motorrad adds new dimension Urban Mobility. Before the year ends, BMW Motorrad will launch its pioneering Urban Mobility area along with 2 first-class vehicles under ...
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Self-Balancing Scooter by Wei Chengyuan

A chief industry designer of INNO Company joined with the development team to develop an inventive self-balancing Scooter. The electricity-powered scooter is different from Segway and holds its patented technology. It makes use of only 2 gyros in order to discover the motion angle, featuring more lighter and lesser gearing system endured by hall switch. As an initial step, the designer designed a scooter having “O” handle, since it makes the self-balancing scooter more innate, light and comf...
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ZigZag Three Wheeled Personal Electric Vehicle

Do you still remember your great great grandpa bicycle? This personal electric vehicle is inspired from those classic high wheel bicycles. ZigZag three wheeled electric vehicle tries to answer the need for environmentally friendly transportation. The frame is made of aluminum alloy 6161 which is commonly used to produce lightweight products. The designers hope that this vehicle can satisfy the need of compact, functional, easy to use, and fun transportation for the future. The users of my produ...
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Street Hopper Scooter Features A Compact And Lightweight Construction For Congested Future Streets

Street hopper is an unusual scooter concept that is designed with a compact shape and light construction in order to provide an ultimate urban commuter that can offer fun to the rider and at the same time help the environment from getting contaminated through toxic gas. Unlike traditional seated designs, this urban commuting concept is designed with a standing up riding position. It features two sturdy footrests to support the rider and the rear wheel is driven by an electric engine mounted at t...
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Egg Scooter Gives Sporty Riding Experience With Maximum Safety For The Riders

The egg shaped scooter concept is ideal for one person commuting with an elegant and sporty look that can offer the feel of riding a sports bike. This Egg Scooter provides maximum safety for the riders by featuring sliding doors and front and rear bumpers. However, the front bumper structure has limited the front wheel rotation to 70 degrees, 35 degrees each to left and right from the center. The inner surface of the sliding door contains an armrest structured outfitted with airbag. The soft and...
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Sea Scooter Can Give Great Surfing Experience Even in No-Wave Sea

Sea scooter is a compact, lightweight and ergonomic concept water ride that can enhance the surfing and skating experience even on no-wave sea surfaces with great safety. The concept features a compact, yet powerful motor that can propel the scooter fast enough to replicate the feeling of surfing. Not only that, being constructed of lightweight composite materials and featuring a retractable pivot handle, the sea scooter is very much user-friendly and is easy to carry. Because of its compact sha...
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Nexus : An Innovative Scooter To Move Around in The Airports

Nexus is an electric powered scooter concept designed to be a great short commuting solution inside the airports. The front wheels of the scooter comprise two electric engines powered by four 12 V batteries that gives 2 hours of continuous use. The rear part is a freewheel that gives a third point of support to the user that ensures up to 110 kg of load to be carried. The front part of the scooter contains the power plug that can be used either 110v or 220v whichever is available. The handlebar,...
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Exciting Triton Scooter Concept

The Triton scooter concept can carry up to 150kg of load and has been designed to offer equally pleasurable ride and fun both for children and adults. Driving may require some expertise since turning this scooter to left or right involves accurate movement of the rider to the desired direction. When it comes about breaking, stepping on the rear mud visor will do it. The most useful feature of the scooter is its folding ability which will allow the user to put it in the car’s back. When in full...
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Peugeot BB1 Combines A Scooter and A Car as Future Transportation

The Peugeot BB1 concept is actually an excellent combination of a traditional Peugeot scooter along with a Peugeot car. The key objective of this project is to offer a car that is ideal for city living and driving on busy traffic. Even with this compact shape, this car can make room for 4 passengers including the driver as a result of efficient interior design. The roof structure can easily puzzle a viewer to be a solar panel or something like that. The innovative horn shaped steering wheel has ...
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Linea Sucree Stylish Scooter for Young Souls

Scooters are known for speed. They as they say don't waste any time to get you there. The young folks are in luck with the refurbished and well fine tuned scooters. This "linea sucree" type is long to accommodate every height. The rims are strong and long lasting, laced with firm but flexible rubber casings that literally meet the road. Since speed is a major consideration. The flatness of the feet pad is low on the center of gravity and moves with more speed than the other type. The aluminum fi...
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