Air-Elf Aircraft Concept Is Able to Take-off or Land Vertically

Air-Elf aircraft concept is to solve road congestion. The core of the concept is a new type of wing, “Air Caterpillar”. It can be transformed in order to meet the needs of flexibility and speed of the aircraft. Air-Elf aircraft not only can take off and land vertically, but also is able to perform high-speed cruising. In addition, Air-Elf is equipped with smooth aerodynamic appearance, clean and efficient hydrogen energy power system, solid frame, to facilitate safe and comfortable cockpit and baggage compartment.

“Air Caterpillar” wings consist of a main structure and many small wings. These small wings can move horizontally and circularly to provide lifting force constantly. “Air caterpillar” wings are highly transformable to meet the parking, vertical takeoff and landing, high-speed cruising requirements.

Designer : Yinze Hu

Air-Elf Aircraft by Yinze Hu

Air-Elf Aircraft by Yinze Hu

Air-Elf Aircraft by Yinze Hu

Air-Elf Aircraft by Yinze Hu

Air-Elf Aircraft by Yinze Hu

Air-Elf Aircraft by Yinze Hu

Air-Elf Aircraft by Yinze Hu

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Air-Elf Aircraft by Yinze Hu

Air-Elf Aircraft by Yinze Hu

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Thib says: March 8, 2012

Superb concept… Yet it is pure imagination on the technic side. You will not fly verticaly just because the flaps are oriented verticaly if the motor stays horizontal. About the ejection system : opening the glass at high speed on the front will make the plane roll on himself…

Superbe concept… Avec… beaucoup d'imagination coté technique. On ne va pas voler verticalement juste en orientant les pales (lol…) et celui qui essaye de s’éjecter à grande vitesse en ouvrant la verrière comme ça aura comme résultat de lancer l'appareil en tonneau…

Stephen Russell says: March 9, 2012

Good concept, BUT re do escape system, have canopy blast off to Rear vs Fwd.
Make into 4,8 person model.
Add escape pod vs seat?
Love to own one.
Like to see prototype made & flown.
Mass produce.

trudym says: March 13, 2012

Thib, It may actually work, though it is mechanically complex… This drive looks similar to the D-Dalus Aircraft lift mechanism introd a few years ago. Each "blade"'s attack angle is controlled by a cam in the track. Unfortunately, the path length that each "blade" sweeps is quite long, and requires a lot of lubrication. I think this meets the defn of multiple points of failure. Thus the parachute.

Bob says: March 27, 2012

Looks like another pie in the sky to me. Why not make it amphibious and roadable while you're at it. Fully aerobatic too.

yuwana says: June 24, 2012

it still have wings it may need more space for park. what it wings use for? stability or manuver? why not use compressed air blow for stability or manuver because it seem will fly with low alti and moderate speed. an engines also need to build purposed for easy adjusting so its can be used for VTOL and also for hard-brake.

Ryal White says: October 16, 2012

Have you seen an old movie called "Deal of the Century" I belive Eddy Murphy, maybe Chevy Chase or Dan Ackroyd costared. They had this Drone which looked alot like this. In the late '70s or early '80s there was this plane in Pop Science called the Aurora [I paid 10.00 for the info pack] It was pretty cool but the designer at the time put all the controls in the pilots two hand controls. The controls could be simplified by using a foot decelorator which is used on alot of Bulldozers [You set the throttle with a hand lever and your foot control when lifted accelorates] If this designer could contact me, I would appreciate it.

dean says: November 30, 2012

Great concept. Love the way you've managed to still keep it looking sleek and keeping the aerodynamics even though its a broad vehicle.
I have to agree with the others on the VTOL & landing space practicality, somehow those wings ( although looking great) don't seem viable.
Also think maybe make it 4 – 8 seater, it'll help you fit in the hydrogen system and any complex cpu below the cabin.

Also have to agree with the ejection system flaw, though it looks great, at speed the airflow, may even stop the glass from lifting at all. Although, on the upside, having that glass there will help to give a few seconds of still air to help the occupants' seats to clear the cabin floor.
What about making the whole cabin as a unit that can be ejected from the craft's body? Also agree that it should be ejected toward the rear.
A parachute system could be fitted to gently bring the cabin to the ground.

Could be a good idea to incorporate a "engine kill" feature that'll stop the engines as soon as the cabin is detached, so that the aircraft does not continue to thrust itself once abandoned.

dean says: November 30, 2012

Oh and a greater luggage space would be great

Kirill says: April 18, 2014

With this configuration the C.G. on this aircraft looks to be too far back, making the aircraft statically unstable… I would bring the wings a little bit further back and add a vertical stabilizer, possibly canards. It's an awesome idea though, using the lifting body design for a flying car is very nicely done.

Guest says: April 7, 2015

Looks pretty. Engineering concepts are questionable and introduce a lot of points for failure (especially the lack of any vertical stabilization within a source of good airflow. At first sight, I thought it was a submersible. I can see a lot of these designs working better in that environment.

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