Co-existence Chair by Ryan Jongwoo Choi

Co-existence chair is an art work based on the need to blend nature in our daily life. The designer combines several things which are commonly found in nature to create a unique chair. It’s a combination of wood, granite and steel, constructed to mimic a rock tower. You can read the designer’s explanation after the break.

Designer : Ryan Jongwoo Choi

Co-existence Chair by Ryan Jongwoo Choi

Co-existence Chair by Ryan Jongwoo Choi

The chair above is an art work that is designed to satisfy the basic instinct of human being when they feel as being oneness with nature. I found common things between features of ancestors resting on rocks and that of modern people resting in nature for a moment, and I used rocks and trees as main materials to let one feel comfort that nature provides. I used ash-wood for quality of wood considering solidity, and granite considering property of location that I got inspired. And I got inspiration of feeling of nature that has stability within instability like rock tower.

I examined meanings of furniture that our ancestors had used, and values of furniture that people feel today, and made my effort to apply it to design. Rock towers have positive meaning that it makes someone’s dream come true in Korea, and I applied this meaning to the chair.

I represented the forms of upper and lower plate of the chair with gravities that it gets from rocks and when being used. And the inside of the rock is connected with pillar to connect the upper and lower plate of the chair. Through this, one can feel comfort on the chair that looks unstable. And it will make people feel the meanings that nature brings and provide feelings as if one get together with nature even indoors.

Co-existence Chair by Ryan Jongwoo Choi

Co-existence Chair by Ryan Jongwoo Choi

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One thought on “Co-existence Chair by Ryan Jongwoo Choi

  1. This is a very interesting design. It is simplistic yet complex, it looks very comfortable and a center of interest for ascetics of the room; it would be great for those conscious of Feng Shui. Would it be able to come in different woods? Even though Ashwood has a very clean look to it, it might not fit other's room styles and would throw off the balance of the room. It is still a unique design and would be a hit with those who are in tune with their interior design of their house.

    -Doc O'Malley

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