A350H Airliner Features Vertical TakeOff

A350H Airliner design is inspired by the shape of a dolphin, it has an aerodynamical form to achieve high speed with minimum effort. As a new type of airliner, A350H has been designed to be more friendly to the environment by using cryogenic hydrogen that is contained in high pressure tanks. Someday in the future, we might face space issues where airports are no longer possible to be expanded, due to high population and high demand of living areas. This is where the main feature of A350H airliner becomes very important, its ability to vertically takeoff doesn’t take a lot of space compared to conventional airliner.

Designer : Victor Uribe

A350H Aircraft Design

A350H Aircraft Design

A350H Aircraft Design

A350H Aircraft Design

A350H Aircraft Design

A350H Aircraft Design

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A350H Aircraft Design

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19 thoughts on “A350H Airliner Features Vertical TakeOff

  1. WOW, looks good. It seems a little too large and impractical for VTOL. It's the length of a 747, slightly shorter in wingspan yet slightly taller in height.

    Let's be hypothetical and say it weighs around 600,000 lbs (which is not too unreasonable staying with cost effect here), it would need at minimum engines that produce a total of 600,000 lbs of thrust but we'll call it 660,000 lbf to be on the safe side. If it had two engines, that would be 330,000 lbf, which isn't happening.

    The most powerful turbofan is rated at 127,900 lbf. At that rating, you would need 5 engines but we'll call it 6 to be even. Now if you got the wight down to 465000 lbs, you would only need 4 engines but still, these engines are huge. Short of a rocket, you are not going to be able to have engines capable of supporting VTOL on an aircraft of this size and maintain a reasonable feasability level.

    • its impractical, I can see how VTOL would benefit the airforce. But for such a large cummercial airplane with especiall that design, its impratical. Though horizontal take may make this more practical.

  2. Impractica, you almost hit the nail on the head. Not that the military (any military) is going to go on Tuvie, see this design and say: "alright, let's build something just like this, but with weapons". Almost all great inventions are invented by the military, and eventually trickled down into the civilian market. Jet engines, used today in commercial airliners, were originally designed as a way to get fighter planes to go faster than the enemy. However, since I can see no real advantage this particular design would give to the military (except as a transport vehicle, but that's its civilian application too, isn't it?) I doubt they'll go for it (see sentence #2 for details).

  3. If our population gets so large, that our cities no longer have room for proper airports, I doubt there'll be any dolphins for this VTOL to be modeled after. I can see this happening:
    -Future Kid: "Mommy, why is this airplane shaped like that?"
    -Future Mom: "Well, I they want it to look like a dolphin."
    -Future Kid: "Oh. What's a dolphin?"
    (Mom takes kid to natural history museum and points to a model of the extinct bottlenose dolphin)
    -Future Kid: "Oooh! Oooh! Can I have a pet dolphin?"
    -Future Mom: "Sorry honey, they're all dead."
    (future kid weeps very depressingly)

  4. how bout instaling it with rotor like in chopter at wings because this plane have a wide wings. To make it have VTOL ability is not always a great propulsion with turbo engines but the point is to againts a gravitation force. after it have been pass restricted altit then it use a turbo engines for cruise. a power for rotor can gained by installing much upper body with solar panel. a window can be change with tiny camera which can be operated by touch a LCD-look like-window from inside this also give advantage experience for passanger too. when it in cruise mode it also can charge a battery for rotor which is use when it landing.

  5. who says it’s impossible, the mind has captured it therefore work fully on spine believe by 2025 backyard land ports every half a mile

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