Air-Curtain Shower Cabin Forms Shower Curtain From Air

Enjoy unique shower or spa experience with Air-curtain Shower Cabin. It is actually a ring shaped shower unit which can also act as a curtain. Instead of using traditional glass walls, this unit covers you with flowing air from a single overhead ring. This large ring device blows air from its underside and releases water from its inner wall surface. The unique air flow system forms an invisible air curtain that prevents water from splashing outside the shower.

Designers : Liu Yi, Luo Jing, Jiang Yuning

Air-Curtain Shower Cabin

Compared to typical shower cubicle, using Air-curtain Shower Cabin, the bathroom will feel bigger and more spacious. This is because when the shower is not in use, the floor space beneath it is freed up. This device provides awesome showering experience beneath a 360-degree spout of water. The main objective of this design is to offer open showering space so that user can enjoy the feeling of freedom since you are not restricted by any cubicle.

Air-curtain Shower Cabin can also be said a smart shower since it can automatically adjust its water temperature to suit the room temperature. User can also use this device as sauna due to its built-in heating system.

Air-Curtain Shower Cabin

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Doc O'Malley says: March 22, 2012

Very creative idea, but my concern is the requirement of power the wind will need to exert to contain the water within the "cubicle". (A) It would be hard to obtain with such a small device and (B) If that power was to be achieved, it could possibly harm the user or disrupt surrounding objects such as towels, and cleaning products. Another concern would be the automatically adjusting temperature. I for one, prefer a cold shower to wake me up in the morning, and a soothing hot shower at night. Where would an adjustment knob/controlpad be located to control such a device? On the same matter, from out of the device, and while in use of the device, how would you turn it on/off or from shower to sauna? Obviously this is all just constructive criticism, it is an amazing idea and I would love to have it in my home, but there just seems to be minor developing flaws within the device (Or a lack of details in the description). Otherwise, good job! And I hope to see this on the market one day!

-Doc O'Malley

Valerio Grasso says: July 26, 2015

Hi, I’ve been really amazed from this Kind of shower. Could be actually interesting buying one. It is already possible? And if so, what is its cost ? Thank You so much for your time. Bye

Mike says: June 6, 2017

Hi, I’ve been really amazed from this Kind of shower. Could be actually interesting buying one. It is already possible? And if so, what is its cost ? and Can you deliver to Germany? Thank You so much for your time. Hope to hear from you soon.

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