With Pacer Suit, Hear The Music With Every Move of Your Body

Imagine this…for every move you make, you can create a unique sound, cool huh? I bet DJ will love this PACER suit concept. The Pacer suit receives electro impulses that appear when muscles are activated (movement), amplifies them and turns them into sound with the help of the sensors attached to muscles. Each impulse is goes through the sensors via amplifiers (boxes on the back) to control panel where we can control volume, type of sound, select rhythm to follow…With this suit it is possible to produce harmonious rhythm and melody by dancing. These sounds can be heard through headphones connected to the control panel (box on the front) or through the speakers connected to the control panel by infrared rays.

This system is not entirely made for fun as it has enormous stimulating power and it can be quite efficiently used in therapeutic treatments where ever is necessary to stimulate muscle workout and movement of the body as a whole.

pacer musical suit

pacer musical suit concept

pacer musical dj suit

Designer : Nikola Knezevic and Danilo Zizic

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10 thoughts on “With Pacer Suit, Hear The Music With Every Move of Your Body

  1. Applications:

    One man Band can NOW exisit via micronics.

    Or a whole rock band can replicate Classic groups like

    YES , U2, Fixx, Devo, The Police, Blondie,

    Mamas & poppas, Monkees etc with ease.

    Other apps


    For social events- see amatuers with NO Music experience make Music

    Music Lovers IE hearing music vs playing music

    Bands- Imagine a whole band in this suit.

    Opera & Concerts


    Make musical insturments a Bygone era thing.

    Very Radical.

    Love to see LIVE at some event, some artist & some Non artists create & play Music

    Be a Radical event.

    For Woodstocks 50th anniv, 60th anniv.

    a "digital" Woodstock event???

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