Flow – Wind Solar Energy System

Wang Yigang has designed flow, a wind solar energy system. This solar and wind energy collection system uses arciform photovoltaic cells to enable a better collection of sun light. At the same time, the shell, which is composed of six photovoltaic cells, can be used as wind concentrator. The wind forms a whirlpool within. This acceleration of wind speed increases the performance of the rotor. Through movable joints, the angles of the photovoltaic cells can be adjusted so that different orientations can be made for the maximisation of sun exposure, and to vary the amount of wind entering the system. The wind energy system uses a Darrieus-type vertical axis wind turbine. It can operate normally even when the wind is not very strong. In addition, FLOW?s small size makes this system suitable for family use.

flow, wind solar energy system

flow, wind solar energy system

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7 thoughts on “Flow – Wind Solar Energy System

    • Solar can work when it isn't sunny. Just in a diminished capacity. Thus you can add to its energy stores by harnessing wind energy with this ultra efficient design concept. Very impressive.

  1. This is a very interesting idea. I was thinking of something similar. However I wonder at the efficiency of the unit. How big is it? How much KWH average does this put out? How many of these would make an average 5kw system? How many would you need to offset your daily energy consumption? Is there a site with more specs on this? is the output in AC or DC? Do you need an inverter or is that combined in the unit?

  2. I'm wondering if such a device could be mounted in multiple layers on a mast

    so as to increase the energy-collection potential of energy farms. E.g., energy that could be collected per acre or hector.

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