Pho Tableware Design was Inspired by Vietnamese Lantern

If you look around, you will be able to find huge number of different type fancy bowl sets and Omid Sadri would be the one you will like most. The design of this bowl set was inspired by the shape of the Vietnamese lantern and the bowl set is projected to enrich and simplify the eating experience the famous soup of Vietnamese. You will be able to carry the soup and its several condiments easily, as well as create a whole new experience of eating by exposing and removing the different layers. Besides, the extraordinary appearance of this bowl set will definitely uplift the aristocracy of your dining table.

pho tableware

pho tableware

pho tableware

pho tableware

Designer : Omid Sadri

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8 thoughts on “Pho Tableware Design was Inspired by Vietnamese Lantern

  1. wow I love it. and I love pho.

    Only thing is, the humidity from the soup will accumulate on the cover so when you put the cover down to get the meat and extra condiments, it will create a big mess on the table.

  2. If it is designed so that we can carry to places means the food should be OK to eat after that period of traveling?! Unfortunately the noodles would expand to the point that no one would eat it after say 20 minutes!

    The idea is great; the product is good – but not practical

    I don’t mind to have a set at home for display

    • Hi Giang, we believe it's not meant to be carry around to places or let it just sit there for more than 10 minutes, it is meant to provide user with a practical way to carry all at once from the kitchen to a dining table or to the customer.

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