Win-Solar Energy Bike by Chen Chun Tung

Win-Solar Energy Bike concept is an intelligent electronic bicycle that is specially designed in a compact manner and can convert various natural power sources into electric power when the user rides it. This bike will enhance the efficiency of using energy sources like solar energy, wind energy, gravity electric energy and human energy, by converting them into electric power and storing the accumulated power into a rechargeable battery. At the end of the day or when riding uphill, this useful bike will automatically switch to electric riding mode in order to assist the rider.

win solar energy bike

win solar energy bike

win solar energy bike

Designer : Chen Chun Tung

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6 thoughts on “Win-Solar Energy Bike by Chen Chun Tung

  1. It is a good concept, though solar panels are known to heat up in excess of 160 degrees. The wind is a new power source to be explored.

  2. you can draw power from bearing and your wheels spinning. also try integrating fan blades into the wheel, perhaps you can get energy that way as well. good luck.

    bike itself loos heavy, wheels as well. look at some carbon bike frames they are meant for speed and air dynamics. try integrating that into your design a bit more.

  3. Bike needs better seat, buddy seat, & ergonoimic handlebars & improved design for wind, solar etc power.
    House solar array front & rear for power & turn up when moving & turn down when Stopped or NO riders on bike.
    Test sites for bike: AZ CA NV HI PR FL UT

  4. Maybe it's an idea to abandon the batteries this makes the bicycle lighter for uphill. You can use the solar energy to run two fans and place these fans not on the steeringwheel but as a backpack on the cyclist. This way you accelerate the windspeed behind the cyclist compared to the windspeed on the frondend of the cyclist and this way you reduce turbilance and thus drag. Less human power more speed and all by means of clever aerodynamics and of cource it would help to give the backpack an aerodynamic shape.

  5. The future of bicycles should be recumbents, not the same upright we've been building for over 100 years. Also if you intend on being efficient, there should be at the very least a front cowling to channel air around it.

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