CCC : Transform Your Car Into A Helicopter

The CCC is a fascinating and futuristic concept car which is an ultimate solution for eventful city use with its compact design and mostly, the ability to transforming into a fully operational helicopter. When in the car mode, it is a three wheeled vehicle with 2 giant front wheels and one small rear wheel, which works as tail rotor when it transforms into copter mode. The blades remain folded hidden in car mode and can eventually pop out when required. The entrance is designed from the front through a pop up glass door and no passengers other than the driver are allowed to board on this single seater car-copter. The cockpit has a sphere at the driver’s right arm to control the CCC.

ccc concept car and copter

ccc concept car and copter

ccc concept car and copter

Designer : Emre Pehlevan

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3 thoughts on “CCC : Transform Your Car Into A Helicopter

  1. Need this to have 4,6 passenger model aside solo model.
    Markets for use are:
    Search Rescue
    TV News
    tourisim IE HI, AZ, NV, TX, FL, PR, Med Sea.

    Reminds of the old Bell 47 copters (the copters in the TV show MASH opening sequence).

    Problem: Lisc to fly copter?
    Digital controls used?
    Dual control mode for ground & air use.
    Towable by trailer.

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