Airwaves, Futuristic City Car Concept

Cute city car concept help you stress-free from crawling along in traffic and squeezing into compact parking spots. Yes, we do know how it feels to drive in a lousy traffic during the day. Airwaves is a small car that will not only make parking easier but will help prevent dents and scrapes. Check out the electronic door that has been designed to rotate vertically rather than hinge outward to prevent others being “doored”.

Airwaves not only consider the comfort of its passenger, but also other people. In the back of the Airwaves, you can see there is LCD screen that is meant to display some information to make other people feel less bored during traffic jams, such as weather reports, news, or greeting words from the driver. What a friendly car, not only to other people, but also our environment, yes, it’s electric, zero emission.

airwaves car concept

airwaves city car concept

Safety is every important for small cars. A special lift mechanism in Airwaves can provide good protection for the driver, passengers and pedestrians. When the driver uses the emergency brake and the car hits a pedestrian, the cabin will lift up by inertia. At the same time, the outside and inside airbags will be released to protect the pedestrian, driver and passengers.

airwaves futuristic car concept

airwaves future city car concept

Designer : Lei Liu

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