Braille Concept Phone for Visually Challenged People

Braille phone is a universal cellular phone concept that is able to produce Braille code in a particular part of it by using Electric Active Plastic to make it usable for visually handicapped people. The phone has been designed in a simple and easy to use manner and looks like a television remote control. The Braille area provides all the information that a traditional screen of a cell phone displays so that visually impaired people can read them by touching it. It provides letter blocks in two by three dot matrixes and by using this principle on buttons, visually challenged people can easily create or read text messages. This braille phone just won Red Dot Awards 2009.

braille phone

braille phone

braille phone

braille phone

Designer : Seonkeun Park

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8 thoughts on “Braille Concept Phone for Visually Challenged People

  1. before i say anything i think its a great idea but i was fairly amused that this phone is for blind people yet the abc for the text messaging is written on the phone lol…

  2. The concept is good. but you must overcome the battery consumption , the price. on the other hand it is phone dependent. some people want to play other Brand of phone is restricted. so if it is a device that can use bluetooth to connect a phone which installed your software and read the content of the cursor position is better

  3. I think this is a great concept. I would like to see it working. We are a team of developers and service providers. Would be willing to participate in trials.

  4. Braile can undoubtedly be considered as a great breakthrough for the legally blind people. But for those who only have a blurry vision like me, the Just5 cell phone is a more ideal choice. This is what Im using and I am very well being assisted by its big buttons, voice confirm, and bright screen display. I also appreciate its PERS features. The phone has an emergency SOS button at its back, one press to it and I can immediately call for help if Im stuck in a bad situation.

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