Leaf Phone with Eco-Charging Ability

Leaf is a concept mobile phone specially designed by getting inspired from photosynthesis with eco-charging ability. This bendable cell phone is wearable by the user and is charged through solar cells placed on its front. Aside from the solar charging facility, this device can be charged via electricity if charging is required in a cloudy day or during nighttime. The key objective of this project is to make people realize about their contribution to energy efficiency while using an innovative and highly functional gadget with a smart look.

Leaf Phone

Leaf Phone

Leaf Phone

Leaf Phone

Leaf Phone

Leaf Phone

Leaf Phone

Leaf Phone

Designer : Seungkyun Woo and Junyi Heo

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13 thoughts on “Leaf Phone with Eco-Charging Ability

  1. as a concept its not bad, but styling does not follow consumer standard at all. what 17 year old girl would want to wear this? probably very few if any. try to target general public instead of just eco freaks. also does it hold all the features that all modern phones do? that will aslo affect how cinsumer will look at your product.

    another problem is charging, since you wear it as a wrist band, i doubt that sun will always hit it directly. meaning ether your hand will be in the shadow form your body, or else. solar charging takes some time, a long time to be precise. so you ether have to come up with a better place to store the phone when not used, or try researching wireless charging, and integrate solar panels else where (blue tooth head set, not the best example.)

    well good luck,


    • The phone can also be plugged into a wall if you really need power, also it is designed to be eco-friendly and nothing else. The designers are not going for high tech consumer phones, rather, a simple text & call phone that sports a solar add-on. I would have to agree on the fact that not many teens would go for this though. I know I would though. Seems pretty cool to me.

      All this is only what I know about the phone.

  2. ^ Absolutely has no idea what they are talking about. This is a great concept. It's not just an appeal to "eco freaks". (which already makes me assume the person in question is uneducated). The design needs work though, including the integration of a color screen.

  3. well pardon the intrusion Ross, but i wasn't trying to be mean or anything. and sorry English isn't my strongest language. im just being logical, notice i said it's a good concept! all these kids needs to do is readjust a few things and he will have a hell of a product. people past stuff her not only to show of but also to get critiques from others.

    Seungkyun Woo and Junyi Heo keep up the good work.

    • hello . im industral designer . so maby i have an idea of what im talking about. this is an exelent work . have a beautyful work and awesome idea . the solar recharge its in case of need it because you have your normal charger .the idea of having the mobile phone in other place than your poket its realy revolutionary . even the presentation its a great work . so i whant to thx Seungkyun Woo and Junyi Heo. for do this kind of design and hoping they do more than that. because they are really good .. (sorry for my english)

  4. HI I LOVE the idea, but again the solar power can be changed into maybe being powered by people taking steps, every step will turn a mini generator in the shoe which inturn will power the phone, what material are you going to use to make the phone/wristband .

  5. This is great, I'd suggest a metallic/black look instead of the white plastic look, that way I think will appeal to a larger audience. Great idea, ID buy one.

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