VanMoof V High-Speed Electric Bike with Advanced Technology

VanMoof V is the first high-speed bike from VanMoof, it promises to take you beyond what you thought an e-bike was capable of. The slim body allows you to cruise the city streets with ease. It features two-wheel drive, advanced acceleration, a full suspension frame, and advanced tech, it provides you with power like you’ve never known from a bike. The integrated settings will still match your country’s regulations, VanMoof V can travel up to 31mi/h.

Vanmoof-V Highspeed Bike

VanMoof V is equipped with thick tires, full suspension for both front and rear, together with strong yet lightweight aluminum frame, this bike provides smooth riding no matter the speed or distance. This bike is specially designed and developed to take you further and faster, those two motors instead of one provide Van Moof V with more power and acceleration than any other e-bikes on the market. This bike will be available with expected price at $3,598.

Vanmoof-V Highspeed Bike

Vanmoof-V Highspeed Bike

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